standard mineral water, perform out more, and blah blah blah"... then you found the right personal. I'll make weight-loss simple enjoyable for you... AND NOT BORING! I'm always amazed by those who tell me that in w pro diet eight coaching and interval coaching workouts exercises workout is too simple for them. Actually, shocked is a better word. Each in weight coaching and interval coaching workouts exercises perform out has left me sweating and feeling tired (but a "good" tired), and I've never completed any in reps) - I'd use 80-90 lb dumbells for this. Combined, this superset would soak my shirt on its own. 2A) Balance Football Leg Curl (15 reps) - Granted, I could do this perform out without a problem, so I'd either improve the amount of reps per set to 25, or I would do the 1-Leg Balance Football Leg Curl. 2B) Pushup (15 reps) - I would improve the reps to 35 push-ups per set, or I would use a more challenging version such as close-grip push-ups, or even decline close-grip push-ups. 3A) Balance Football Jackknife (10 reps) - I'd improve the reps to 20 per set or I'd do 1-Leg Balance Football Jackknives. 3B) DB Rear-Delt Raise (10 reps) - This would be challenging, and I'd use 15 or 20 lb dumbells. After this extreme in weight perform out, I'd rest 1-2 minutes and then get on the health and fitness treadmill device machine for time periods. Interval Workout A Intervals can't be simple for anyone. For me, I'd run at top amount