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Thread: Track stuff 2017

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    Build is done and all is good. Still waiting to tune with my big injectors but on the 1000's I put down 537/455. Have a few odd's and in's I'm waiting to install and hoping to run a few days at HPR with the current setup before tuning on the bigger injectors. Planning on running HPR on the 21 if the weather holds. Want to run the 28th ass well but I have to see if I can get the day off first.
    I'll check out your runs later this evening EGbeater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EGbeater View Post
    And this video of the recent Pueblo NASA event was done by a Colorado Evo guy, Nio G, awesome documentation of what a NASA race weekend is like... including HPDE (High Performance Driving Experience), TT (Time Trials, which is what I do with my Z06), and wheel-to-wheel racing (the BMWs featured are mostly running in GTS2 class):
    Sweet event!

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