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Thread: Good places to take the Evo out

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    Default Good places to take the Evo out

    Can someone suggest a good place to take the Evo to carve up some back roads around the Boulder/Broomfield area? Minimal traffic and cops are preferred.

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    I like Left Hand Canyon Dr. It was re-paved a couple years ago, though i dont know the condition it's in near the 2013 flood areas. Someone else should comment.

    A few heavy "camber apexes" that will really take you by surprise only when its too late, so be careful. Road typically has alot of cyclists on it, but its an otherwise fun cruise/fuck around road especially up hill. Typically zero traffic, ive only seen 1 cop up there in the 4 years ive cruised it.

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    Left hand , peak to peak, sunshine canyon. Are all great but as Pistol said watch the turns because dirt can fuck your shit up. They do patrol up there but 80% of the time they are driving. They typically don't sit and wait.
    The club has done a few good drives during the warmer months.
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    Thanks guys will definitely check those places out!

    Said goodbye to the WRX today. Was a very bittersweet moment. I may have shed some man tears.

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