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Thread: New Fierce Fuschia EVO X to Denver area

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    Default New Fierce Fuschia EVO X to Denver area

    Hello all. Recently moved to the Denver area with my 2013 GSR. I haven't had the car long so it's stock with a beautiful 3M Fierce Fuschia wrap. Second EVO I've owned. First was a 2008 MR, but I sold it when I had to make a move to ND and then missed having an EVO too much 😥. While I was in Hawaii I was a part of the SCCA and ran STU class. Loved it. Anyway, I hope to go to some car cruises and meets. 😊 Nice to be a part of the group 😁.

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    Welcome to the Denver area and the site.

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    Welcome, nice car!
    ...wasn't born in Colorado, but I got here soon as I could...&...

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    Thank you! Happy to be here!��

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