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Thread: DSM meet/callout/fundraiser this afternoon

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    Default DSM meet/callout/fundraiser this afternoon

    All, figured I'd throw this out there. There's a DSM meet/callout going on this afternoon in Golden. There's gonna be BBQ, a fund raiser and some skanky chicks... Here's the link to the Facebook event. I'll be heading up with a couple of friends from the DSM community. Anyone want to help make a decent Evo showing? It's not until 4:30 this afternoon so you have plenty of time to get out there.

    Here's some info from the event:

    We have a special guest that will be in attendance,
    Project Snow White. If you know about DSM's then you know about this car.Big D's House of Smoke n BBQ will be doing a cook out for anyone that wants to purchase some grub!Tattood 'N' Rude Dolls will be doing a Fundraiser for a fellow friend in VA whom is on life support. You can see his story as well as a online place to donate if you can't make the DSM Call Out. Here is the link:
    Don't miss out on this event!!!!
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    Car is for sale. PM me if interested..

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    Hello! I really liked your story. Thank you!

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    I would like to join the project with you.

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