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Thread: Single-Scroll vs. Twin-Scroll Turbine

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    Question Single-Scroll vs. Twin-Scroll Turbine

    Why did Mitsubishi use a twin-scroll turbine on the EVO X instead of a single-scroll unit? To answer this question, we analyze both the single-scroll and twin-scroll turbine system, resulting in some interesting finds.

    The twin-scroll turbo uses dual side-by-side passages built into the housing, while the more commonly used single-scroll design uses only one. A twin-scroll turbine's housing is designed to separate the exhaust gas pulses of cylinders 1 and 4 from those of cylinders 2 and 3. Due to the firing order of the EVO X's 4B11 engine (1-3-4-2), the exhaust pulses alternate to create higher backpressure at lower rpm into the turbine wheel from each divide, enabling a quicker spool-up. Single-scroll turbos are less effective in using exhaust pulse energy to help spin a turbine wheel up to speed. Twin-scroll turbines also work more efficiently by delivering lower backpressure at high rpm, allowing cylinders to expel the exhaust gases without as much interference with incoming intake charges, creating improved top-end performance.

    Comparing both turbos, the twin-scroll setup with its more efficient exhaust gas scavenging abilities clearly has the advantage, allowing for improved throttle response, quicker spool-up, increased fuel efficiency, and ultimately more power throughout the rpm range. But with any car, selecting the correct turbo size and supporting mods for your engine becomes the determining factor on how efficient your vehicle performs, regardless if you're using a single-scroll or twin-scroll turbine.
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    Those are wonderful works! Would appreciate any result and report on performance.

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    Hello! this complex question. Here it is necessary to think ...
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