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Thread: Pics from 2010 SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, NE

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    Default Pics from 2010 SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, NE

    Been meaning to do this since I got back a couple weekends ago... been too lazy.

    Anyway, here's the links to the entire albums:

    Day One:

    Day Two:

    And here are some of my favorites, or ones I thought you all would enjoy...

    On site, around 7am, changing tires and prepping the car:

    EP cars... small, loud, light, and REALLY fast:

    CP cars... the dinosaur class. Big, heavy, loud, and stupid... but a select few are actually fast (like the white/blue Mustang on the left in the next pic, and both of the Mustangs in the next one):

    This CP class Dodge Gold Duster was not fast... but at least the owner had a sense of humor:

    Our competition in SM class:

    10.5" wheels all the way around (we only ran 9.5" wheels in the rear):

    So sick... the Showcase Mitsubishi/J. Hoops Evo:

    I know it doesn't look like much, but this E36 M3 was the car to beat... last year's National Champion:

    And this fairly ghetto-looking Nissan (turboed K24) was really fast too... both the M3 and the S13 were actually faster than Chris in my Evo on day Two, but the drivers both hit cones during their runs, adding a 2-second penalty to their times. In autocross, you must be fast AND accurate.

    And in case you're wondering: yes, we were the only competitive car in SM class running NO AERO. And yes, it can help... so that may be something to develop in 2011.

    How shitty conditions were on day two:

    And then this VW-powered POS came along, and dumped oil all over the course, ON TOP of the rain... thank you, clip-on valve covers!:

    The Evo of Doom's best lap times: 1:28.9 @ HPT (2.1M "NASCAR" config), 1:31.9 @ MPH, 1:35.9 @ PMP, 1:55.5 @ HPR

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    So, what do you do when the SCCA rulebook says you can't REMOVE an OEM wing to save weight, but you can replace it with an "aftermarket wing"? (Note: these guys are in STU, not SM... we're allowed to remove wings in our class)

    Things get pretty tense when things go wrong, between your runs:

    There were the craziest/coolest clouds on day one, before it rained:

    Man, I wish I coulda gotten sponsored by Del Taco or Taco John's!

    Coursewalking... a necessary autox ritual. Wish we had super-grippy concrete to run on in CO:

    And all that grip tears up gummy race tires, which gets left on the pavement, which then sticks to the next gummy race tires that come along, and then has to be scraped off the tires later, if you don't want your first run the next day to be slippery:

    Our SCR Performance teammates:

    On the scales...

    Pretty light, huh? And that's with both OEM bumper beams!

    And, of course, I like these because they're of my car on course:

    Just happened to notice Chris staring off at something, and his reflection in the car window with all the names... wasn't staged. Prob. one of the best pictures I took all weekend:

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    The Evo of Doom's best lap times: 1:28.9 @ HPT (2.1M "NASCAR" config), 1:31.9 @ MPH, 1:35.9 @ PMP, 1:55.5 @ HPR

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    i bet that wing generates tons of downforce!

    nice two wheel pic!
    Tobz tune

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    Congrats on the win!
    BBY wingless 2003 Evo 8
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    Thank you for the gorgeous photos! Very interesting!

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    Wonderful event way back then. Lots of awesome build.

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    I might pick up 2k10. I haven't checked out the demo yet, but the one thing I don't like is Kobe on the cover. Oh well, KG will be on the cover for 2k11, haha. I didn't care much for Live years ago, can't remember why, but if they have a demo, I might try it. Why didn't you like 2k10?


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    nice two wheel pic!

    gclub online

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    Nice photos! I liked

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    It's my birthday tomorrow, so maybe I'll treat myself to a Sonic slushy.....


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