Tone booty from different angles as you go, lunge, and enhance Rapid Tone way toward achieving Rapid certified instructor and holistic wellness insurance fitness and wellness coach, Sarah Dussault, provides a cle Rapid Tone an take on the boot-camp style exercise. She starts with one execute out and works up to six in a row for a highly effective booty get rid of. Dussault provides this tip to eliminate on exercise time: “Short workouts are only effective, in my opinion, if you do their best. They can be more significant than an extended exercise — you just have to give it Rapid Tone all!” Twelve Minute Madness Workout You’ll execute up one heck of a perspiration with this calorie-crushing HIIT exercise courtesy of BodyRock. If you’ve been waiting for a fast-paced, at-home exercise, the wait is over. Lisa-Marie Zbozen, the host of BodyRock.TV, tells us, “Our workouts are actually 12 moments of HIIT infused bodyRapid Tone increasing. In 12 moments you can get a highly effective, full-body exercise that is perfect for Rapid Tone reduction and general conditioning.” One look at this film and you’ll see BodyRock workouts are no joke!